WE1303: Layout and Fit-up Practices

Credits 3 Lab Hours 2 Lecture Hours 1 Clinical Hours 0
Tiered Course Indicator

Layout /Fit up Practices. The student must possess the perquisite drawing and welding symbol interpretation skill of and entry level welder. The student demonstrates a fundamental knowledge of layout and fit up principles. Shows the ability to operate shop equipment safely and use layout tools for geometric construction. Has a fundamental understanding of advanced measurement practices, design for welding and the use of fixture and positioned. Works from drawings or sketches to prepare, form or cut multiple parts and assemble simple weldments. Recognizes welded joint and welding requirements based on welding symbol information. Level II occupational orientation for Welders wishing to pursue a career in Welding need follow; safe practices, perform housekeeping duties, and follow verbal, written work instructions for the completion of detail assignments. For each unit of credit, a minimum of three hours per week with one of the hours for class and two hours for studying/preparation outside of class is expected. Pre-requisite: none