ST1013: Surgical Technology Lab

Credits 3 Lab Hours 10 Lecture Hours 0 Clinical Hours 0
Tiered Course Indicator
This is a three credit hour laboratory course designed to expand the student’s knowledge using hands-on instruction necessary to learn the perioperative skills required to enter the clinical setting and to function as a beginning surgical technologist. This course includes supervised practice in the lab and instruction on the basic concepts necessary to establish, maintain, and coordinate tasks required for good patient care in the perioperative setting. Students will apply aseptic technique, surgical principles and surgical conscience in learning and demonstrating the skills specific to those of the first scrub, second scrub and assistant circulator roles. Upon completion of this course the student will demonstrate understanding in the cognitive, psychomotor and affective learning domains related to principles and practice of surgical technology as outlined in the Core Curriculum for Surgical Technology, 6th Ed.


Admission into the ST Program.