Course Descriptions

PH1303: Intro to the Old Testament

Credits 3
Introduction to the Old Testament will enable students to become familiar with the historical, literary, and theological backgrounds of the Old Testament. The course will be an objective study, utilizing the best in biblical and archaeological scholarship. EduKan course number: RE105

PH1313: Intro to the New Testament

Credits 3
Introduction to the New Testament will provide students with an overview of the New Testament as literary text, focusing attention upon its oral, rhetorical, contextual, and documentary natures. As the semester unfolds, participants will become acquainted with the written traditions of those who belonged to a community of faith, whose writings and stories attempted to proclaim a message of hope to themselves and the world. EduKan course number: RE106

PH1323: Survey of World Religions

Credits 3
Survey of World Religions will provide students with an overview of the history, beliefs, practices, and evolution of Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, as well as various indigenous religions and modern religious movements. The intent of the class is to develop an understanding and appreciation of religious pluralism and to engage students in an interfaith dialogue.

PH2103: Introduction to Ethics

Credits 3
Introduction to Ethics will provide an opportunity to encounter the ethical theories of some of the great thinkers of the western world. These theories will provide a basis for study of contemporary ethical issues. EduKan course number: PI276

PH2203: Introduction to Philosophy

Credits 3
Introduction to Philosophy will acquaint students with some of the great Western philosophers and their thoughts on reality, knowledge, religion, identity, freedom, ethics, the state, and beauty. The course will also provide students an opportunity to encounter Eastern philosophy in matters of religion and self-identity. EduKan course number: PI101