NR2101: From LPN to ADN

Credits 1 Lab Hours 0 Lecture Hours 1 Clinical Hours 0
Tiered Course Indicator
One (1) credit hour. A one (1) credit hour theory/lecture. The content of this theory course is to orient the practical nurse (LPN, LVN) who is returning to school for an associate degree in nursing to the curriculum. Content will be individualized based on student experiences and needs. Role changes from LPN to RN are discussed in relation to SCCC's nursing philosophy and conceptual framework. Emphasis will be placed on use of critical thinking, communication, medication calculations, and the nursing process as integral tools of nursing practice. The student will have an opportunity to socialize into the student role before integrating into a classroom of Level II nursing students. For each unit of credit, a minimum of three hours per week with one of the hours for class and two hours for studying/preparation outside of class is expected.


Graduate from LPN/LVN program.