NR1110: Foundations of Nursing Care I

Credits 10 Lab Hours 4 Lecture Hours 6 Clinical Hours 0
Tiered Course Indicator
The Foundations of Nursing I course is designed to provide the student with a foundation of nursing practice and holistic care for the client throughout the lifespan with an emphasis on the older adult. Foundations of Nursing I is an introduction to the nursing process, assessment skills, client teaching/learning and use of techniques of interpersonal communication threaded throughout the course. The nursing process will be utilized as the framework to introduce students to the actual or potential health problems, human responses, and the nurse’s role as provider of care and member within the healthcare team. Introductory information concerning nursing skills, ethical/legal aspects of nursing, and development of critical thinking will be included. The clinical component of this course requires the student to care for clients across the lifespan in both acute and gerontological care settings.


Pre-requisite: Admission to the Nursing Program.
Co-requisite: Pharmacology for Nursing I