Course Descriptions

EN1102: Intro to Engineering Careers

Credits 2
The course introduces students to the various disciplines within the field of engineering via lectures given by professional engineers working in the field. The course also allows students to discover the skills and knowledge needed to become an engineer. During the semester students will be assigned projects and problems involving elementary engineering concepts. For each unit of credit, a minimum of three hours per week with one of the hours for class and two hours for studying/preparation outside of class is expected.

EN1202: Engineering Graphics I

Credits 2
The program is designed to prepare either men or woman in the basics of engineering drafting. The core curriculum is competency based, with each unit developed for specific knowledge and skill to be performed. Draftsmen's activities primarily involve the translation of ideas, rough sketches, specifications, calculations and proposals of engineers, architects, designers and manufacturers into complete detailed and accurate working drawings for using engineering, research, manufacturing, construction and the building trades. Engineering Graphics I is the course competency based curriculum to introduce students to problem-solving situations and teaching them the fundamentals of drafting.