BI2705: Microbiology

Credits 5 Lab Hours 4 Lecture Hours 3 Clinical Hours 0
Tiered Course Indicator
An introduction to the study of bacteria, viruses, protozoa, fungi, and helminthes with focus on those responsible for human disease. Evolution is the unifying principle used to investigate the interaction of microbe, human, and the environment. General microbiological concepts such as microbial structure, growth, metabolism, genetics, and ecology are applied to such medically related topics as control and pathogenicity of microorganisms as well as to body defense mechanisms and the immune responses. The lab exercises stress basic clinical laboratory techniques such as staining, aseptic technique, and the biochemical and serological testing for microorganisms. Biotechnology applications are also utilized. Both laboratory and lecture relate core microbiological principles to the understanding of infectious disease. EduKan course number: BI280


Successful completion of BI1305 - Principles of Biology, CH1505 - College Chemistry I, and MA1173 - College Algebra or higher is strongly recommended prior to enrollment in this course. Refer to placement matrix.

KRSN Requirements