BH1112: TRIO Enrichment Course

Credits 2 Lab Hours 0 Lecture Hours 2 Clinical Hours 0
Tiered Course Indicator
This supplemental course is for TRiO participants only and one of the credit hours is tution-free. It is designed to expand the basic components of the First Year Seminar course such as, time management, teamwork, study skills, leadership and career planning. In addition, professional tutors will instruct students in all subject areas. Special emphasis is given in career exploration for the undecided student utilizing StrengthsQuest. Financial literacy will also be a key component; providing the student with an understanding of financial management both as a student and as a productive citizen. Students will be provided information on how to successfully transfer to a four-year institution upon graduation. The value of being a TRiO participant and the services available to them will be emphasized.