AT1104: Paint and Refinishing IV

Credits 4 Lab Hours 4 Lecture Hours 2 Clinical Hours 0
Tiered Course Indicator
Through a variety of classroom and/or shop/lab learning and assessment activities, students in this course will: apply exemplary safety procedures in all areas of auto body painting and refinishing; perform proper cleaning procedures for a refinish; prepare adjacent panels for blending; prepare plastic panels for refinishing; protect all non-finished areas of vehicle; operate high and low volume/pressure spray gun operations for painting and refinishing; perform all paint system applications on an automobile; apply appropriate paint color matching and mixing procedures; tint color using formula to achieve a blendable match; explore the causes, effects and correction of buffing-related imperfections; explore the causes, effects and correction of pigment flotation; measure mil thickness; apply decals, transfers, tapes, woodgrains, pinstripes to an automobile; apply buffing and polishing techniques to remove defects; apply cleaning techniques to automobile interior, exterior, glass and body openings; and remove overspray.